You can add a number of schools if required, but you need to add them one at a time. This is especially useful for those schools with a central/hosted SIMS server.

Adding school details

  1. Select the Schools tab.

  2. Click Add to add your School.

  3. Enter the school Name.

  4. Enter your SIMS Information:
    Enter your User. This is your SIMS id.
    Enter your SIMS Password.
    Enter your Server name and Database location.
    MISapp will attempt to fill in the Server and Database fields automatically by reading the Sims connect.ini file. It is possible that the connect.ini file redirects to another connect.ini file on the server, and there may be multiple redirects. MISapp attempts to follow the redirects but might fail in some circumstances.
    If this happens and the fields remain blank, you can look at the connect.ini file manually and follow the redirect to the correct SIMS file location. Check the MISapp Log (GUI) tab to see how far it got and the paths it was searching. Alternatively, use the default server and database names. These are (local)\sims2008 and SIMSrespectively.
    Note: Please seek your school's IT Support advice if you need help with your SIMS location settings.

  5. Click Test alongside the SIMS Information.
    If all the entries are correct you will see the message - Sims information correct. If the message shows anything different e.g.Sims information incorrect, or Missing Sims permissions, you may need to contact us so that we can assist you in getting set up.
    If you see the message Missing Sims permissions, then the SIMS user may not have been added to the relevant groups as advised during the Preparation for installing MISapp. Please ensure that the SIMS user is a member of the following groups - Third Party Reporting, Class Teacher, Admin Assistant and Personnel Assistant.
    If in doubt, please call us so that we may assist you.

  6. Enter your Pebble Information.
    Enter the MISapp Email address (this has been sent to you in an email).
    Enter your MISapp Organisation ID (this has been sent to you in an email).
    Enter your Password.
    Important! You will need to call us for the password, if you have not done so already.

  7. Click Test alongside the Pebble Information.
    This will connect MISapp to Pebble using the appropriate URL for your organisation. This will be
    It will show either Pebble information correct, Wrong username or password, Wrong organisation, or something else entirely.
    Tip: If your Username and/or Password is incorrect, try to log into Tali without auto fill to prove that you have the correct Username and Password.

  8. Once both tests have passed, click Save.
    Warning! If you click Cancel this will leave the window without saving any of the details you have entered.

Editing or Deleting Schools

  • Select the school from the list of schools on the Schools tab and click Edit or Delete.

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