Tali has been created with users in mind, we want you to be able to easily find the answers to your questions and we have a couple of ways you can find help should you have a question at any time.

Using Articles - Use our new Articles feature, simply search with a keyword like 'cheque' or 'statement' to find out how to deal with a bounced cheque or how to reconcile your bank statements.


Chat - If our Articles don't find what you are looking for then check out our 'chat' facility, bottom right of your Tali software;

Pop-ups - sometimes your pop-ups can be blocked. To unblock functions like the chat facility in Tali you will need to make sure that your browser (Tali is best in Chrome) allows Tali to show you these.

All you need to do is to find your settings for your browser - usually, three dots top right of your chrome browser, click into these and go to settings. Filter for 'pop' and a link to pop-up should appear, you may need to scroll down to find it.

Click into this link, and you will need to 'add' or 'add' and 'allow' this url to ensure you can see everything in Tali you need to use your software successfully - here is the url to add;


Save if necessary, refresh your screen once saved or logout and back in.

Happy chatting or article hunting!

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