What is the promo?

The 15-day Money Back Guarantee offer entitles new clients for a full refund within 15 days under the promo conditions.


You can claim avail the 15 day guarantee if you're a new client and it hasn't been 15 days since you signed up.
No promo codes needed. Simply leave a message to your designated support team and get refunded in a minute!

Terms Of Service

During this time-frame, a full refund can be claimed if:

  • No work on a live website has been done.
  • No work has been accepted / approved.
  • A revision isn’t done for a concept. 
  • No final files or raw files have been delivered.
  • No source control platform (such as git) has been contributed to.
  • If you're not using a start-up/early stage discount. 
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