Getting Started with Pencil Spaces

Learn the basics of Pencil Spaces

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You can learn the basics by watching this 2-minute tutorial:

What is a Space?

A Space in Pencil is an infinite whiteboard canvas with a video call built-in. All Spaces get saved automatically on the Pencil Spaces Home Page

What is a Board?

A Board in Pencil Spaces is like a canvas that you can edit. Each board has infinite space for you to create anything, and you can create as many boards as you want. That's right, infinite space and an infinite number of spaces. You can also rename a board, delete it, or see a gallery view of all boards that update in real-time.

How do I invite people into my Space?

Click the "Invite" button at the top right corner of the page.

You can either invite people to your Space via email or by simply copying and sending the invite link. Your participants can then easily join once they are signed in.

All of your spaces are saved with the link so you and your participants can revisit them at any time. This is great for reviewing notes or completing work outside of class.

Video Conferencing

You can start or join a call in Pencil Spaces by clicking the green call button at the top right corner. Once you set everything up, you gain access to the ability to mute/unmute your microphone, turn your video on or off, share your screen, record, send reactions, and access device settings.

Whiteboard Tools

On the bottom of the screen, you can access a Pen, Highlighter, Eraser, and Text Tool. You can even create lines, shapes, equations, or attach any photos, videos, or PDFs.

To move around the screen, click and drag on the whiteboard by using the hand tool.

To zoom in and out, hold CTRL or Command on your keyboard and scroll up or down on your mouse or trackpad or use the "+" and "-" buttons at the bottom right corner.

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