How to Upload Files into Pencil

How to upload your files into pencil files and how to manage and use your Files.

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What is Pencil Files?

Pencil Files is a cloud-based file storage system that integrates with everything else on the platform. Anything you upload into Pencil gets saved in Files, and anything that has been uploaded can be accessed anywhere on the platform.

You can upload your files into a Pencil Space for your live classes, or you can upload any files directly into a question or note in your course library.

You have the ability to organize any of your files using folders and tags in the interface. You can also relate any of your files to a specific topic in your courses.

How to Navigate through Pencil Files

You can create your very own Pencil File by uploading your document to Pencil. To do this, navigate to your Pencil Files page and select "Upload" at the top right-hand side of your screen.

Keep your Pencil Files organized by putting them in folders. To create a folder navigate to the right-hand side of your screen and select the folder icon. From there click "Create folder".

Navigate through your Pencil Files by searching for them by name using the search bar, or filtering through files based on properties such as course name, institution tags, course tags, type of document, and who uploaded the document.

Once you open a File, you can look through File details including the date the File was uploaded, and the last day the File was modified.

How large can each file be?

Each file, excluding any videos that you upload to Pencil Files, can be up to 25 MB per file. This helps to ensure that all of your images and PDFs render properly and look great across the platform.

If you have PDFs that are larger than 25 MBs, you can always work around this by splitting your PDFs up into chapters or lessons.

Have any more questions? Feel free to reach out to support!

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