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🎨 Pencil Spaces

Learn how to run your live sessions in Pencil Spaces

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An Introduction to Pencil Mobile

How to Move Around the Board and Select Objects
How to return to the center of your whiteboard
How to Search for Boards by Name in Pencil Spaces
How to Search for and Upload Images onto Your Whiteboard
How to lock individual items on the whiteboard
How To Use Gadgets In Spaces
How to upload PDF files to the whiteboard
How to Move, Rotate, and Resize Images in Pencil Spaces
Using the Pen, Highlighter, and Eraser Tools
How to Insert Images, Videos, and PDFs in Pencil Spaces
How To Use Math Manipulatives In Pencil Spaces
How To Add Google Docs, Slides, Sheets & Forms Onto The Whiteboard
How to Use the Text Tool in Pencil Spaces
What is Web Viewer, and how do I use it?
How To Use Google Docs In Pencil Spaces
How to Add, Rename, and Manage Boards
How To Use Stickies In Pencil Spaces
How to use the Formula Editor in Pencil
How To Use The Picasso AI Art Generator In Pencil Spaces
How to Add Shapes and Lines to Your Whiteboard
How to clear your board in Pencil Spaces
How to use your timer in Pencil Spaces
How to open a Private App in Pencil Spaces
How to annotate on top of a screenshare in Pencil Spaces
How to use your Pencil Spaces App Library
How Do I Change A Board's Background?
How to change your Webviewer Accessibility
How to make your Apps Fullscreen in Pencil Spaces
How to Leave Comments on Your Whiteboard
How to take Screenshots of Apps
Moving Boards from Room to Room
Cloning a Board
How To Upload Pencil Files To The Whiteboard
How To Use The Color Picker & Pipette In Spaces
How do I export my board?