What is Penji-for-Good?
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At Penji, we want to thank our community members dedicated to spreading joy, love, and support in the places where it's needed the most.

We've created our Penji for Good programs to ensure that if an organization is truly helping others, we do our part to help.

We already know that you look incredible to the communities you help and support, but we want to ensure that you look your best to future donors or partners.

Within our Penji For Good Programs, we can help your organization with branding, special announcements, reports, social media content, and anything else you think will help you shine and serve others from our design team!

We ask for just $1 per month for a limited time for Penji's graphic design subscription.

This program is for verifiable nonprofits with a proven track record of successful and ongoing programs directly impacting our community.

Organizations must be registered 501(c3) nonprofit organizations.

We focus on serving those who truly deserve a little help each year. Our core focus is on serving nonprofits dedicated to helping struggling mothers, immigrants, and students each year.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our services in the non-profit world, we encourage you to apply at https://penji.co/programs/

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