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πŸ† Tips for a successful transfer
πŸ† Tips for a successful transfer
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Now you’ve signed up to Penny, how do you ensure all your pensions are successfully transferred?

1️⃣ The most important thing is making sure each of your old pension providers holds correct, up-to-date personal details for youπŸ•΅οΈ

These include: Name , NI Number, Address and Date of Birth πŸ“

  • Have you changed your surname at all?

  • Have you moved address since changing jobs?

We will not be able to get any policy info or transfer your pension if any of these we hold, do not match what your old pension provider holds. ❌

If you think any of these from an old job may have changed, all you need to do is call up your old pension provider and you can update these over the phone or online through their website. πŸ“ž 🌍

You can find your old provider's number online by simply searching "provider name + helpline" in a search engine (google). πŸ’»

2️⃣ Speed up the process by providing one of our team your policy number by dropping us an intercom message πŸ“©

  • What is your plan number?

  • You can see this on any old letters, eg "123456789" πŸ“

  • Tip - You can also send us a photo of the letter (it only takes 10 seconds on live chat!). πŸ“Έ

3️⃣ Sit back, relax and let Penny do all the work πŸ–

You will be notified through the app every time we have an update about your pension. πŸ“±

If you have any new information regarding a pension or need an update, you can just drop us a message on intercom. πŸ‘Œ

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