Introducing Pepo Live Events (Beta)

Pepo Communities can now host live events on using our Zoom Meetings integration. Pepo Live Events are only available on and not within the Pepo app. This is a beta feature, please share your feedback about the experience.

Pepo Live Events - Host

Who can host a Pepo live event? 

You must be a Pepo Community admin in order to host a Pepo live event.

If you would like to host live events on Pepo, please download the Pepo app and apply to be a community admin.

Once logged in at you can select which of your Pepo Communities you want to go live with.

How can I invite people to my Pepo live event? 

Once you go live you will see on the top right of the screen the option to "Share Event", you can click and copy the event's link and share it on Pepo app, social media etc. We are working on notifications to be sent to your community members when you go live. 

What controls do I have as a Pepo Live host?

As a Pepo live host, you are able to control the following:

  1. Start a live event for  your Pepo community
  2. Mute and Unmute users 
  3. Share your screen with the participants
  4. Invite people to your Pepo Live event
  5. Designate someone else as host

The following Pepo Live settings are default:

  • Non hosts are muted by default
  • Non hosts cannot share their screens

Can I record my Pepo live event? 

We are currently recording all Pepo live events. We are working on a feature to show previous lives and that where recordings eventually will go to.

Is there a time limit for Pepo live events? 

Yes, currently there is a time limit of 3 hours per event. 

 Pepo Live Events - participants

How can I find Pepo live events? 

On the home page, you will see the list of communities on Pepo. The Communities that are broadcasting Pepo live will be at the top with the “Live” icon attached to them.  

Do I need a Pepo account to join Pepo live? 

No, you can join a Pepo live event without a Pepo account. Click on “Join Pepo Live”, give your name and join the event. 

I’m muted, how can I communicate with the host? 

You may either use the chat option to write to the host or you can click on the “Participants” tab in the center of the bottom bar and use the “Raise hand” option to let the host know that you want to talk. 

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