Pepper Content is a new-age on-demand content marketing platform that connects freelancers and businesses for content services.

A one-stop solution for all content creation needs, Pepper Content uses technology to power content with the help of content creators who are on board with us. With more than 120,000+ vetted creators working across different content verticals, we are building the future of content.

Why should you choose Pepper Content?

We combine the two most powerful tools in the industry - technology, and content, and develop a cohesive process of content creation. We are a tech-enabled Content Operations platform that manages the entire content creation process from concept to draft to revisions to delivery of the final product within the timeframe.

With Pepper, businesses grow manifold by communicating just the right content to their audience. A tech-driven platform where you order and templatize content, track the status of your project, approve the content, suggest changes to creators on the platform, build your dream content team, and publish content - all on the platform itself.

We create and scale content across 3 verticals :

  1. Content Writing -

    We offer 60+ Content Writing services ranging from research articles to channel-specific content for Instagram, Youtube, and WhatsApp, to name a few.

    With industry experts on board with us, we produce content that isn’t plainly taken from web searches but is a research-ridden piece of a document reflecting insights of the best industry experts.

    We thoroughly edit every piece of content that reaches you. We play technology to our advantage and produce a Content Audit Report that scans the content and points out the areas for improvement. Following this, our highly experienced editors edit the content and ensure that the content adheres to the brief provided by you.

    Each and every piece of content that reaches you is written by industry experts, scanned through our AI-driven Content Audit tool, and finally, edited by a carefully crafted pool of editors.

  2. Graphic Design and Video -

    We focus on delivering unique designs that meet your campaign objectives. Our graphic design services cater to all your visual needs like infographics, videos, whitepaper designs, presentation designs, newsletters, posters, etc.

    Our topmost priority is to ensure that the visuals align with your voice, mission, personas, and market preferences. Our designers excel at producing immersive videos that tell a compelling story.

  3. Translation Services -

    With vetted language experts at Pepper, we have delivered hundreds of content pieces. We have the bandwidth to deliver Indian and international vernacular content, both in terms of creation as well as translation. We support 40 Indian languages and 20 odd international languages.

    We understand the requirements of a translation project and have expanded the gambit of our translation services to scriptwriting, localization of content, subtitling, video scripting, etc.

How do we work?

We achieve this level of accuracy with our tech-enabled platform that ensures that you and the creator are on the same page. To implement that, while placing the order, you write a brief on our platform.

Owing to technology, we achieve this level of accuracy with the help of our creative brief. To make sure we are fully cognizant of your company’s voice, purpose, mission, audience, etc, we have a comprehensive Brief Builder on our platform itself, which gives you a chance to elaborate on every aspect of your campaign.

We have a system in place called the Recommender Engine - Pepper’s AI-driven tool that scans through the brief and selects industry experts that match your requirements. The backing of the AI tool makes our Content Operation journey very customer-friendly and gives you exactly what you want.

The content creators start working on your content and produce it in the next 72 hours. After being scanned by our internal Content Audit system, it is edited by the editor. The final product that reaches you, thus, is the best of the best efforts by multiple people coupled with the inputs of technology.

What do we want to build?

Pepper Content isn’t just a company that creates content but we’re rebuilding the entire Content ecosystem. We are on the path to becoming the world’s largest state-of-the-art Content Marketing platform powered by Creator Marketplace. We’re building the technological plumbing that will power all content ever created and distributed on the web and social.

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