Get more done with bulk features of Pepper!

It's exciting how Pepper, as a platform, is undergoing many enhancements every week to improve user experience.

Know what's the most loved feature of our marketer users is? It is all features that help them perform bulk actions on the platform.

You might never think that such tiny features can help, but it does save much of your time, especially when you are firefighting against time.

Below is the list of features in detail:

1. Bulk Assignment Upload πŸ“¦

At times, Pepper users have bulk assignments to be ordered, and adding details for each of them is exhausting. Now, you can simply upload a CSV sheet with all your assignment details and upload it.

And, guess what? It's done.

Note: You can download the format from our platform and refer to the GIF below.

2. Bulk Approvals and Reworks πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

While approving the assignments, you might end up making mistakes by selecting approvals for the wrong assignments or rejecting the right ones. Also, most of the time, you will find yourself religiously opening each assignment separately to move it to the next step.

With our new and improved bulk approval feature, you can approve all your assignments in one go and get back to work.

Check out how it works below. Try it out on Pepper's platform.

3. Bulk Ratings πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

It helps our platform engine to understand the quality of the assignment if you give it a rating. That also enhances your future projects! Now you know why giving a rating is important. You can give ratings to multiple assignments in one go.

We understand you don’t have time for this!

But, it takes less than a minute to give ratings to all the assignments you are done with. The more ratings you give, the better our platform will be in terms of the quality of assignments you receive. That means your job is done faster and better.

Rating the assignments you complete is easy and you get all the credit!

Next time you order with us try out these tiny hacks. Thank me later. πŸ˜‹

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