There's no denying that visual content is one of the cornerstones of social media marketing today. When you create an engaging social media visual instead of a regular text-heavy post you’re already captured your audience’s attention and turned them into your fans.

But amidst your already crazy work schedule, how do you create these compelling visuals and engage your users? Your social media strategy requires constant effort to think, create and post great content every day.

Pepper Content has been helping brands from creating social media content to getting the final creatives designed in an end-to-end process.

This article will give you a detailed walkthrough of how you can easily order Social Media Creatives with Pepper Content.

How to order your Social Media Creative with Pepper Content?

Pepper Content’s expert creators will help you create a more attractive and credible brand on social media.

To make the ordering experience with Pepper Content a delightful one, we have incorporated the best practices followed by top organisations across the world. Our project ordering flow will ensure that you get what you are looking for in the first go!

Let’s see how you can order your social media designs with Pepper Content.

  1. Create your Project

    Assuming you're logged into Pepper Content, start by creating a new project. You can do this by clicking the "Create New Project" link in the left navbar.

    Think of a project like a campaign where you can get multiple items created.

  2. Start your Creative Brief

    After selecting the social media designs category for your project, let’s enter some details about the project to get started.

    You can give your project a name. We prefer that you keep it short and memorable.

    Choose the industry for this project which will help find the best creators and add the purpose and audience for this social media campaign.

Pepper Tip: Add demographic and psychographic details, when available, as this helps our creators understand your end-users better.

3. Add Items to the Project

Items are individual content pieces which will be created. The first step in the brief creation process is to add these items. For each item,

  • Give a name to each poster. It can be based on the day or date of posting, or maybe the topic addressed.

  • Add the content you need on the designs. You can attach a file or provide a link to Google Docs as well.

    Tip: Pepper content provides Social Media Content services as well.

  • Based on the social media platforms you will be posting to, choose the layout from the given options.

  • And add images, artwork, or references that the designers can use. It is always a great idea to share some designs you like or any previous designs that have been approved. This gives a clear direction to the designer.

Click Save.

Pepper Tip: You can add multiple design briefs in one go. Click on “Add another Social Media Creative” and fill in the details. Or duplicate the one you just created, if you don’t want to start from scratch.

If you have a lot of items to be created, you can upload a CSV file, and it will automatically populate the items here.

4. Select your Visual Preferences

We have curated this part of the flow after a rigorous baseline study on design preferences from brands, to make sure the designer gets a full understanding of the visual aesthetics you are looking for.

  • Start with choosing the design style you prefer among Text Overlay, Illustration, Image-based and Minimal. Based on your choice, the platform then shows you more options. Selecting the ones you like helps us understand your expectations better.

  • After this, choose the format you need for the designs and other questions to guide the designer.

  • Providing brand and color guidelines is the most critical part of the brief. So make sure you share logo files, brand colors, any brand guidelines document to sync with your brand design.

5. Add Your Brand Assets

This is where you can add your brand design style guidelines which help us understand your brand better.

If you don’t have a guidelines document or link, you can select the colors that designers can explore for all your design items.

6. Share your Company and Brand details

Any creator should know who they are creating content for. That is why we recommend sharing as many details as possible in this part of the ordering flow.

Pepper Tip: If you have a Pepper Enterprise account, these details will be fetched automatically from your Brand Guide. You can update that information to save some more time.

7. And finally, choose the expertise level of your designer

Pepper Content has a wide range of creators from all over the globe with different expertise. You can choose the level of creator you would like to assign this project to.

Pepper Tip: The creator level is one of the important factors that decide the Project Cost. Hence, based on your requirement, choose the level.

Here you can review the order and make the payment for the same

Pepper Tip: If you are a Pepper Enterprise customer, payment setup is done on a contract basis, so the last step will be skipped for you.

Now that you are a pro at it. You can plan your upcoming month’s Social media calendar well in advance.

Get your team’s buy-in for Social Media creatives.

Creatives are always subjective, but it is essential to get them approved by your team. Pepper Content helps you do that in real-time on the platform.

  • Invite your teammates on Pepper Content

  • Your team can view the content drafts and chat with creators as well.

Check it out now.

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