If you use a CMS like WordPress to publish the approved content from Pepper, you know the pain every single time you need to publish a post.

Your process might look something like this:

  1. Copy the approved content from the Pepper doc into a new post in WordPress.

  2. Format all the content properly.

  3. Download the images and upload them onto WordPress as assets.

  4. Place the images in your content and add the relevant alt text.

  5. Run some SEO checks to ensure everything is in order.

  6. Add categories and tags as needed.

  7. Preview and finally Publish.

Wish there was a magical Publish button?

Introducing our Wordpress Integration!

With this your new process will look like this:

  1. Hit Publish on the approved content on Pepper.

  2. Pepper creates a draft post automatically.

Let's get you started

1. Enable Pepper Connector on Wordpress

Please note: To enable this you must have Admin access to your Wordpress account.

  • Login to your WordPress account and Open the menu dashboard.

  • Click on Plugin-> Click on Add New

  • Search for Pepper Connector

  • Click "Install Now" of Pepper Connector's

  • Once it is installed, click on the "Activate" button

And it's done.

2. Integrate Wordpress on your Pepper account

  • Login to your Pepper Content account and under Profile < Admin Console < Integrations.

  • Under Wordpress Integration, click on "Add Wordpress Site".

  • Add your Wordpress URL and name of the Account.

  • Wordpress Login will pop automatically. Add login details and click Login.

And the other half of the integration is done too.

Once the integration is successfully completed you will be able to "Publish the Draft" option for each of your Approved blog/article projects.

What you can do with this integration?

  • All the images and text on the document will be added as a draft in your WordPress account.

  • Permalink or Blog URL will be automatically be created as per document headline

  • The hyperlinks from the Pepper document is also reflected on the WordPress draft.

Future Enhancements:

Based on the feedback received from our first few users we are working towards making this integration even more streamlined. A few of them are:

  • Ability to add the relevant alt text for each of the images in the blog.

  • Assigning author to each blog or article.

  • integrating with SEO tools so that SEO details like Title, Description, Meta tags and so on, can get added from Pepper doc itself.

    If you have any more suggestions for us, you can add them in the comments or email me at dhriti.goyal@peppercontent.in

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