Written text can at times be misinterpreted and miscommunicated due to nuanced or complex language. This can often result in inefficient workflows, leading to delayed timelines and work after work.

So, by introducing video messaging in project brief creation, we’re trying to mend the loopholes while writing briefs and ensure that the creator and client are on the same page.

Pepper Content’s integration with Loom means that you can now record video messages within your Pepper’s creative brief.

Videos as part of your briefs in Pepper, powered by Loom, can now brighten up monotonous briefs into cohesive ones that facilitate better clarity in conversation.

In addition to the standard written text brief, you can now effectively communicate your brief through video messages.

Whether to record the website, product, campaign or the brief itself, video messaging will help lend clarity and transparency to your creator. Videos help quickly and effectively provide helpful explanations for tasks.

The option to add a video to your Pepper brief project is an incredibly impactful way to bring both creative briefs and project kick-offs to life.

Recording a video within the brief

When placing an order with Pepper, in the Project Brief segment, below Additional Instructions, you will get an option to record.

Once you click on that, a dialogue box will open on the right side of the screen. From the dialogue box that’ll open, you can choose either of the 3 ways to record

  1. Cam only - your face will be visible and the recording will be done through the webcam

  2. Screen only - this will record your screen

  3. Cam + Screen - you will be able to show your face as well as record the screen.

You can turn on the Microphone button to record the audio.

If you choose to screen record, you will be given the option to share the screen before a 3-second countdown commences:

  1. Your entire screen

  2. An application window

  3. A Google Chrome tab

Adding a video in Pepper Content

Embedding videos into your Pepper projects briefs is an incredibly impactful way to bring both creative briefs and project kick-offs to life with a few simple clicks.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Give an overview of your product/campaign

  • Give instructions in a structured way that is easy to decipher

  • Try to keep the video for a maximum of 8 minutes.

  • Make sure there is no background noise

  • Don’t hesitate to mention even the smallest detail

This feature is for you. So, try it out and tell us how you liked it. Unleash the power of video in your next project brief. Enhance your written briefs and make them clearer with videos.

P.S. Having a Loom account isn’t necessary. You’ll be able to record a video just fine without an account. But if your browser is not supported by Loom, you'll not be able to view the video option. Browsers that Loom supports are Google Chrome v90+, Microsoft Edge v90+, and Brave v1.22+. Additionally, If third-party cookies are disabled in the browser, video brief options won’t be shown to you.

If you have any more suggestions for us, you can add them in the comments or email me at dhriti.goyal@peppercontent.in

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