The wall of uncertainty is being brought down. Collaboration gets way easier when you know who the person on the other side of the table is. In the virtual world, we’d like to bring the two closer by incorporating the “human element”. With our new enhancement at Pepper Content, you’ll be able to see the creator and trust their work.

As we give utmost priority to the 4Cs - Customer, Creator, Collaboration, Clarity.

The entire process of content creation will be all the more clear and transparent. This is just the first step towards that. As a customer, on seeing the credentials of the creator, you’ll have more confidence in their work. We want the creator and customer to harbor a relationship of trust and credibility.

We have a huge list of measures to ensure smooth collaboration between the creator and the customer. This will ensure clarity between the two and lay the foundation for bigger and better enhancements to be built on.

What details of the content creator will you be able to see?

  1. Name

  2. Area of expertise

  3. Work experience

  4. Ratings

This is how you can see the content creator for your assignments

  1. Open the Assignments section

  2. Open any particular assignment

  3. Switch over to the Recent Activity tab

  4. In the chat section, you’ll be able to see the creator who will be working on the project

If you liked the creator, give it a star rating and favorite the creator. That'll help us know who you liked working with. We'll try to assign your work to those creators, given their availability.

If you have any more suggestions for us, you can add them in the comments or email me at

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