Docs by Pepper is a text editor built by a company that breathes, eats, and lives content since its very inception. Curating Content is just the first step. What follows is a series of discussions and discourse, checks, and reworks. What may seem intimidating right now, will be as smooth as pie when you get to know what Docs by Pepper is.

Here's what you'll be able to do :

  • Collaborate with the creator and editor swiftly

  • Comment and have a discussion with experts in the subject matter

  • Share the content with your teammates and even those outside your team/company

  • Compare different versions and track the changes

Collaborate with your creators and editors by commenting then and there.

  • Read a comment, leave a comment

  1. Select the text you want to comment on.

  2. Click the comment symbol on the formatting toolbar pop-up.

  3. Simply comment.

  • View the chain of comments -

  1. In the Apps Pane, press the comment symbol.

  2. Skim through the chain of comments.

  3. When you click on any comment, the respective text also gets highlighted.

  • Spilling the tea to see who has commented

  1. See the name and role of the person who has commented.

  2. Trace the date and time.

  • Resolve the Comment once it has been sorted

  1. Press the “Resolve” button of that respective comment.

  2. View all your resolved comments by scrolling through the comments section till the end.

  • Edit your comment in a jiffy

  1. On the right side of the comment you want to edit, press the 3 dots.

  2. You'll get two options - Delete, and Edit.

  3. Edit the comment and click the "Update” button on the popup.

Tip: You can’t retrieve a comment once it is deleted.

Quickly share the content with people in your workspace or even outside

Sharing the content with different people makes it easier for you to get different perspectives. So we’ve introduced a lightweight way to share it with a simple link that helps you save time than copy-pasting it over and over again.

Share your content with your teammates or even those outside your company-

  1. In the formatting toolbar, press the kebab icon.

  2. You can either Download or Share the Assignment.

    Download the content to view it offline. It gets downloaded as a .docx file.

  3. Click on Share Assignment.

  4. Toggle the share button.

  5. Copy the link that gets generated.

  6. Grant the access as per your requirement - View Content, Add Comments, Edit Content

Anyone with the link will be able to perform the action that you've granted access to.

View different stages and versions of your content in a cohesive fashion

You can literally see your content brewing - from zero to zenith. Your content stages have been divided into - Approved, Submitted, Rework, and Writing. Also, you can see every version of a particular section. That’s how comprehensive our Version History is.

  1. Open Version History.

  2. See the date, time, and the person who has worked on that version.

  3. Restore any version.

  4. Expand to see very little modification.

Insert royalty-free images

You can insert the best images of Unsplash in one click.

  1. In the Apps Pane, press the Unsplash icon

  2. Search for the type of image you want

  3. Click on the image

Voila, you've inserted a beautiful image that'll enhance your text.

A luxury for creators

We’ve refined the content creation process to a great extent through Docs by Pepper. Creators, now, have every tool required to produce the best piece of content.

Assignment Details organized in one place

The Apps Pane to the right of the writing space lists down everything the creator needs to know about the assignment.

  • Basic Stats in plain sight

    Every detail about the assignment the status, deadline, and word count as mentioned in the brief is written right next to the writing space.

  • The Brief is right here. Check out the video message as well.

    See the entire brief here instead of switching tabs to check and recheck the brief.

  • Submit or Pass without switching tabs

    The Audit & Submit button and Pass button are on Docs itself.

Write effortlessly without distractions

  • Copy Paste everything in a jiffy

    Copy-paste the content onto the writing space easily. It’ll retain all the formatting options of the source including rich media like videos and photos as well as the hyperlinks.

  • Format the text. Throw in some colors

    Format the text using the formatting toolbar which provides all formatting options crucial to writing.

  • Find and Replace any phrase/word

    Press the kebab icon to Find and Replace any word/phrase. You can match the case as well.

  • Insert and format tables like never before

    1. Press the insert table option on the formatting toolbar

    2. Select the number of rows and columns

    3. View the table in your writing space

    4. When you click on the cells, two kebab icons appear on the top and right sides of each cell.

    5. Press the icons and click on the action you'd like to perform - insert/clear/delete rows or columns.

Publish content from Pepper Docs to WordPress directly

Transfer all your content, text and images to WordPress in once click. Integrate your WordPress account with Pepper Content and go from “do” to “done” in seconds. To know more about this, click here.

Create Templates and kickstart your project

Templates provide a great way for you to communicate your expectations to the content creator. A pre-determined structure makes it easier for the creator to understand what is needed and how to deliver it. Templates can save you a lot of time and hassle. Include templates in your brief and give the creator a much-required direction. Read more.

From the assignment briefs to real-time writing suggestions, we’ve made sure our creators focus all their time and energy on curating content without worrying about the nitty-gritty.

As you seamlessly collaborate, share and organize your content with Docs by Pepper, we work on how to make this experience all the more meaningful for you.

Docs by Pepper handles everything else making creators' and customers' lives much easier. But be rest assured, this is just the tip of the iceberg. A lot more is coming your way!

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