Let’s say you want a piece of content that is similar to the one you ordered a month ago. Are you going to rewrite every detail of the project and increase your workload?

No, not at Pepper Content. Instead, simply Duplicate your Project with pre-filled information aligned to your previous order.

See how easy it is -

  1. Go to your Pepper Dashboard.

  2. On the hamburger menu on the left, navigate to the project you want to duplicate.

  3. Project details open up.

  4. Press the Arrow button at the top, near the name of the Project.

  5. You can also press the kebab icon ( 3 vertical dots) on the right of the project on the hamburger menu itself.

  6. Choose Duplicate Project.

  7. On the screen pop-up, confirm you want to duplicate the project. Duplicating the project makes a copy of the project brief. You get redirected to the project creation flow.

Start your Project

  1. In the Brief Builder, the Assignment section directly opens up. This is the only section that isn’t pre-filled.

  2. Fill in the details

  3. Click on Next to go to the following sections.

  4. Every detail is pre-filled with the information that was a part of the initial project. However, you can change it if need be.

  5. Complete your brief and place the order.

  6. You’ll be redirected to the Pepper Dashboard, where you can see the overview of the Project.

IMPORTANT - You can change the pre-filled information.

To be noted -

  1. You can duplicate scrapped projects as well.

  2. When duplicated, Assignments of the initial project are not shown.

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