Keeping a track of all the items you order is quite a task. More so, the items that require your approval.

Ever wondered that an easier and more intuitive tracking mechanism could help?

One where you can see what is required of you and take actions accordingly.

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

We’ve incorporated 3 invisibly huge changes on your Pepper dashboard so you locate and navigate items easily.

Let’s dive into it.

Locate items across projects

Opening each project and scanning for items that require your approval kills time. Instead, you could just,

  1. Click View All Projects

  2. Switch over to the Items tab

  3. Select Approval Pending

Also, Filter items based on the vertical and status of the assignment.

You’ll see a list of items that are waiting on your approval.

Hover over the items and press Approve if you approve of the content created for you.

Search items using the Universal Search bar

It’s usually difficult to remember the exact name of an assignment or the project it was under. Now, you needn’t bother remembering the exact titles.

Just type a few keywords that you remember of the assignment/project title on the Universal Search bar and get a list of all the items/projects that fall under this.

The dropdown list under the Universal Search bar by default shows you all items that have approvals pending.

Assignment Review Cycles are now visible on your dashboard

Has it so happened that you skipped your Pepper Daily Digest email and hence forgot to review and approve your ongoing items?

If yes, you’ve probably missed the approval deadline and now if you need any re-works done, you don’t really know what to do.

Fret not. With our new Review Cycle, you’ll be able to see how many days are remaining to review, approve or send for re-work, and close a certain assignment.

You’ll be able to see the exact number of days left for you to review a certain assignment right beside it on your dashboard. And of course, you’d be sent email reminders for the same.

Leave no room for confusion and review your items before the review cycle lapses, post which the items will be considered approved.

And that’s about it.

Reach out to us at with your suggestions and feedback on Pepper's intuitive dashboard.

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