Building a dream team of creators sits heavily on your time and resources. Hiring high-quality talent is expensive. Onboarding a new hire is time-intensive. Aligning new members with your brand guidelines is tedious.

This 3-month-long process can be scaled down to 3 seconds.

Intrigued, are you?

One click is all it takes to build your special team.

All that is required is to favourite the creator you liked working with. You will have the best creators from the industry, vetted subject matter experts, creative designers, skilled language experts and talented writers who can imbibe your brand style.

How to Mark a creator as a Favourite on Pepper?

When approving an item, a pop-up that appears asking you to rate your experience. Now, you get asked if you’d like to work with that creator again. Simply select “Mark as Favourite”. However, if you already favourited a creator, you’ll not be asked to favourite every time s/he works on your project.

In the Recent Activity tab for each item, you see the name, experience, and rating of the creator. There, too, you can mark the creator as a favourite.

How to view all the creators who’re marked as favourites?

  1. Go to the Admin Console

  2. Switch to the Team tab

  3. Besides the Team Members, you’ll see a list of Favourited Creators

  4. View the name of the creator, your team member who favourited the creator, and the date when the action was taken

How to remove a creator from favourites?

  1. In the list of favourites creator, beside each creator is there an option to “remove from favourites”.

  2. When you click that, a pop-up appears asking for your reason for removing the creator.

  3. Select an appropriate reason, and press submit.

Or, When sending the assignment for approval, in the pop-up, click the coloured heart that has “Favourite Creator” written next to it.

When you add a creator to your favourites, we try to assign your project to the creator of your choice. Simple but impactful, favouriting creators will help you build your extended dream content team in the long run.

Please write to us at in case of any queries or doubts. we’ll be happy to assist you.

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