At Pepper Content, we’re committed to making content creation seamless. A prerequisite to creation is constant coordination and communication between different stakeholders of the project. Given the vitality of transparent collaboration, any gaps in communication derail the entire project. Unclear objectives, poor planning and lack of visibility hamper the quality of content and sabotages the potential of the project/campaign.

So, what’s the way out?

Seamless collaboration and explicit communication.

Clear collaboration is the cornerstone of content creation. True coordination requires an end-to-end solution where all the stakeholders of the project - customer, team members of the customer, creators, and editors across assignments enjoy a chat space to communicate seamlessly, coordinate work, schedule calls ( only set up by customers) and clear out any points of concern.

Building a platform where you can order content easily lies at our core. With Pepper’s Chat, you can align creators, further clarity, and give everyone a glimpse of how their work fits in. With this robust solution, you can create effective processes that connect creators across all assignments of a project.

Communicate with the creators effectively

On the left of the Pepper Dashboard, you’ll see a new tab - Chat.

Each project has a separate chat space comprising of the creators, editors and fellow team members involved in that particular project.

On the top right, find the list of members and their designation. Use this as a medium to interact with the creators.


  1. Open a particular project on the dashboard.

  2. Switch over to the Chat section.

How to know the assignments a creator is working on?

The creator too can message and clarify his/her doubt.

  1. Click on the name of the creator to know the assignments s/he is working on.

  2. You can click “View Profile” to know more about the creator. Additionally, you’ll get a list of assignments along with their code and status.

How to talk to a creator working on a particular assignment/item?

  1. Once you open the Chat tab on the Pepper dashboard, hover over to the Item section.

  2. Click on the Item and switch to the Recent Activity tab.

  3. At the bottom, hit “View chat”.

  4. You will be directed to the Project chat which the assignment is a part.

Need further clarity?

Typing out project details might not be as efficient as we would like. Instead, attach screen recordings to provide an added layer of context and reduced the incessant back and forth.

On occasions, screen recording to text messages just isn’t enough to explain your viewpoint, leading to bottlenecks in the creative process. Getting on a call with the creators seems to be the best solution to breach the communication gap.

Here’s how you can do it

  1. In the Chat space, at the bottom, you’ll see a video icon.

  2. Once you press that, you’ll get an option to record a video or request a call with the creators.

  3. Choose Request for a call.

  4. Add 2-3 preferred dates and times as well as the agenda of the call.

  5. Hit Request for Call.

You will see a message stating your request. This will be visible to you only.

The chat stays even after the project has been concluded. Also, if the Creator passes or gets changes, s/he is removed from the chat, and new ones get added to it. The old chat is visible to the new creators.

We understand the importance of collaboration and crisp communication to make your project a success. We’ve enabled this feature for you however, they come with a set of guidelines which are as follows -

  • Please do not request reworks of assignments on the chat directly until you mark it formally for rework, as our creators cannot work on assignments till it is a proper rework request

  • Please do not request any submission docs or links of submissions

  • Our system detects any phone number, email, and monetary transaction-related messages on the chat, which is a major violation of our Master Services Agreement and is in conflict with our agreed-upon terms of engagement. If we see any violations, we will have no other option but to pause our engagement indefinitely.

  • Please do not add any new assignment requests through our chat, as there will be no formal record of it. Creators will not work on a new assignment unless it’s through formal means.

  • Kindly request a call via the “Request a Call” button. Please do not send any zoom link or G-Meet link on the chat. Also, schedule calls ahead of time.

Using the Chat, you can -

  • Provide insights to all creators/ editors at once,

  • Coordinate work

  • Improve cross-functional collaboration.

Pepper Content gives you a single platform across assignments to share work, communicate, and follow up with each other.

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