Creativity requires both peace and chaos. We need a quiet open space to think and capture our thoughts. But as soon as the first thought condenses into an idea, we crave to take action instantaneously. Then, we need access to all the tools and information available to bring the idea to life.

An all-in-one workspace, Pepper Docs, gives you the best of both worlds. Whether you’re working on your own or with multiple teams, Pepper Docs provides a single space to organize your projects, communicate with the stakeholders, and get started with an ecosystem of apps that assist you every step of the way.

Step 1

Project lies at the core of everything content. Creating a new project is the first step. Simply add multiple documents owned by you and managed by your team. Or, add project items and get your content created by a pool of highly talented freelancers. Read More.

Step 2

Pepper Docs gives you a clean open slate where you can think, write, and plan. If the blank page blues are hitting you hard, let Pepper’s intuitive AI tool,, help you come up with engaging ideas. Enter the name of your product, a rough description, and see the magic of Peppertype within seconds.

Step 3

Conduct content audit in real-time and know the exact word count while you’re writing. Readability level gives you insights into how difficult or easy your content is to read. Ideally, it should be comprehendible by a 7th grader. Save time with spelling and grammar suggestions. Identify the tone and tweak it as per content suggestions. Run a plagiarism scan. Such assistive features help you write faster with fewer errors so that you can focus on new ideas.

Step 4

Write, edit, and create content that is crisp, clear, and engaging. Just start typing. But wait, there is so much more to Docs than your plain and simple word processor.

You can write faster with the built-in AI tool, Cherry-pick any content types you’d like to create, be it tweet ideas, value propositions, or product reviews, and see the tech-savvy tool create content in less than 2 minutes. Generate outputs till you’re satisfied with one and skyrocket your content creation process.

Step 5

Back your content with facts without searching for it on Google. Get readily available facts and references in one simple click.

Step 6

Everything in Docs can be rewritten or expanded in a few seconds. Quick Actions lets you do so much more in so less time.

Step 7

Add sparkle and royalty-free images to your content with a few taps. Visualize your content and engage the reader with powerful images from Unsplash.

Step 8

Communicate and ask questions through comments. Start discussions and have one source of truth. With such seamless collaboration, you’ll be able to save hours of meetings.

Step 9

Track changes made to your documents at every step and undo anything you choose. Tailor every version to your specific needs.

Step 10

Publish content from Pepper Docs to WordPress directly

Do you want to go from do to done in seconds?

Just integrate your WordPress account with Pepper Content and publish all your content in one click.

Transfer everything- content, text, hyperlinks and images to WordPress with minimal formatting and no extra effort.

Step 11

Share your content with anyone and work asynchronously from anywhere. Decide who gets access to your documents. Grant individuals the right to edit, view, or just add comments.

A paradise for SEO writers

A written piece of content that doesn’t drive traffic and has no visibility is…lost in the millions of pages Google has. The principle your fellow prospects abide by is - out of sight, out of mind.

Create content that provides value to both humans and search engines. Get the right insights into the keywords that’ll help you rank high, the questions you should answer, and the content outline that pushed your competitor’s website to rank better. Look out for the green tick mark every time a keyword gets incorporated.

Not just that, getting the word count right and making sure your content is easily readable by the masses is equally important. With a good grasp of vital data, outrank your competition and gain more traction. Have clear pathways to everything.

Much more than a word processor, Pepper Docs sews all fragmented information and data in one place, giving you the much-needed clarity to start creating content. With a thoughtful ecosystem of apps and tools at your disposal, Pepper Docs cuts through the noise and offers something new - a calm space to create content with clarity and the shortest pathway to all the tools required to create something powerful.

P.S: Peppertype and SEO writing assistant are premium tools. Write to us at, and we’ll assist you in your journey.

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