1. Post your booking link online

Make sure that your booking link is posted wherever you have an online presence.

  • Website
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram
  • Any other social media accounts

2. Post a sign with a QR code to your booking link

QR codes are making a comeback in the corona-economy as they are great way to bridge the physical world and the digital world - without having to touch anything!

Here's how to make a sign

  1. Copy your booking link. It can be found under "Settings" in your dashboard.
  2. Go to a free QR code website like this one, click here.
  3. Copy the QR code and put it on a sign like the one below. If you need a template, Click here for a free template in Google Docs, just click "Copy" to make your own and edit it.

By taking these actions, you will help ensure many of your guests can easily make a reservation online or outside. However, if you still need to manually create a new reservation in the dashboard click here.

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