Buildings offer a level of customization to make management and reporting simpler. 

Log in to your account and go to "Account Setup"  here you will be directed to "Account Info / Sites".  
You will need to choose a site of which building you want to configure, then click "Go to: Site Setup"

You will now see all the buildings for the selected site. Find and select the building you want to configure. 

Configuring the Building

To change the name, area footprint, group or address, you can click the Edit icon on the building.

You can now edit the basic information. 

Changing the Address

If you want to add or change the address of the building, click the "Add address information" button.

Now you can update the building with the address.

Clicking Save will commit your changes and will be effective straight away.

Adding / Removing Room Type Templates

We make it easy to add buildings at the point of inspection using room type templates.
You might want to enable or disable some room type templates for your building.
To do so, select your building and click the edit button on Room Types

This will open the panel where available room types can be added or removed. Learn more about how to manage Room Types.
Selecting or deselecting Room Types in this list and clicking the move button will apply room types that were previously not in the building, and remove any room types that were deselected. 

What's Next?

  • Now you've updated your building how about add some floors to your building.
  • Learn how to configure, add and remove Room Type templates.
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