1. Understanding your PerkUp card

  2. Understanding merchants and rewards

  3. How to shop with your PerkUp card

All of us here at PerkUp are super excited to get you started with making purchases on the platform!

Understanding your PerkUp card

The first thing you need to know about your PerkUp Card is that it works just like a Visa. This means that it arrives with its own 16-digit card number along with an expiration date and CVC.

Just like you would with a Visa, you can use this card information as the payment method to make online or in-person purchases! It should also be accepted by all merchants that already take the regular Visa card.

Understanding merchants and rewards

As long as your specific reward has been approved for “all merchants” by your company, the PerkUp card can be put towards any product or service of your choice, as long as Visa is an accepted payment method!

To find out which merchants have been approved, you can view the available categories in your rewards dashboard through the listed icons:

The icon on the right-hand side of the rewards dashboard will let you know if it’s restricted for certain merchant categories, or is available to use for all merchants:

How to shop with your PerkUp card

The Most Popular page in your PerkUp account also shows you what categories are available for spending! You can filter for products or services that match your desired category and are able to browse through a list of fun, exciting merchants.

Please note that the Most Popular page provides a general overview of what you can spend your balance on but is simply a list of suggestions and you are not limited to what is listed there. You can use your PerkUp card to make purchases on any online site or in-person merchant of your choice.

Find out more about shopping with PerkUp and how to spend your funds locally!

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