Persado will help you turn subject line testing into a science. With each Persado Pro Email experiment, we hope you can improve subject line performance, learn about audience preferences, and have fun along the way.👍 

You can create a Persado Pro Email experiment in three, quick stages:

  1. The Basics
  2. The Setup
  3. The Content.

To get started, log-in to your Pro Email account and click "new experiment".

1. Get The Basics Done.

It's true that if you get the basics right, then everything else falls into place. 😉  Start with naming your experiment; we recommend including the date and name of your email campaign.

If this is your first experiment, leave tags blank. Once you have at least 20 experiments in your Persado Pro Email account, you can start tagging your experiments for different audience segments. Persado will accumulate learnings and insights for each audience tag in your account. The more you test using a tag, the more Persado learns about that given audience. 

Next, select an industry and choose an email type. Both brand name and sending date are optional.

Finally, calculate your sample size. This is the total number of recipients who will receive the Persado Pro Email test.

In this example, we recommend a minimum sample size of about 18,000 subscribers. With a total number of 7 subject lines, roughly 2,500 people will receive each variant. If you are optimizing for clicks, you'll need a much larger sample size to reach statistical significance.

2. Tell Persado about your email.

First, enter a short description of your email. This can be your control subject line or a simple description of the offer or content. In the example below, we're advertising a new product: the cutest coffee mugs ever.

Now, select up to 5 tiles which are relevant to your email campaign. If none of the tiles seem right, try going back to basics and selecting a different industry or email type. Or, don't select any tiles! When you're done, click "Generate Subject Lines" at the bottom of the screen.

3. Customize your content.

You've got your subject lines. Woo-hoo! Now, let's walk through all the different ways you can edit your content. Start by finding a subject line you'd like to change. We won't be offended! 😉

Change emotions with Pro Em Subject Line Editor

With the Subject Line Editor, you can swap emotions, turn on/off personalization, change the language style, and select from up to 9 different subject lines at a time.

Click the circle on the right to view the emotion and open the Subject Line Editor.

You'll have 9 other subject lines of the same emotion (in this example, Achievement)--to choose from. Not feeling achievement? Try switching emotions and language style until you find your favorite subject line.

Cool. In this example, we selected a trendy, encouragement subject line which fits our brand voice and our email campaign. Let's move on to the next way we can edit content.

Refine your message by swapping phrases

Hover over any subject line and you'll notice certain phrases are underlined. These are separate emotional or descriptive phrases, or emojis. Click on any phrase and Persado will give you alternative variations of the same emotion.

In the example above, we're changing the safety phrase, "already official" to an alternate safety phrase, "It's Confirmed". The same feature applies to emojis.

Tip: Though you can delete phrases, emotion typically has the strongest impact on response rates, so removing emotions will likely negatively impact engagement.

Perfect your subject line with direct editing

Once you find your favorite phrase, you may need to make some minor edits. Click on any phrase to easily edit within the subject line. 

For our "cutest mugs ever" email, we don't want to mention 'offer' in the subject lines. We simply want to announce that we are now selling the cutest mugs in history. In the example below, we remove "offer" from the subject line.

Turn off emojis or try other capitalization styles

Last but not least are the two icons to the left of every subject line. Click the smiley to remove symbols and emojis or click on the upper and lower case 'a' to try a different capitalization styles.

If you send subject lines with a variety of formatting, Persado can eventually quantify the impact of different formatting styles on engagement. Try sending a few subject lines with and a few without emojis. Alternatively, include a few subject lines with sentence case and a few with title case. It's worth testing!

Have you finished editing all of your subject lines?

Get ready for 'Take Off!' 🚀

Add your control subject line

If you haven't already, please add your control subject line. It's essential that you include a control subject line in order to measure the impact of Persado on engagement. 

Export your subject lines

Once you have all subject lines in their final draft and your control included, click 'Export'.

This opens up a pop-up which gives you four options for exporting your subject lines: download as a simple text, CSV, or email OR send to your ESP. Keep in mind that exporting through the email option or through an integration locks your subject lines.

Notice that the sample size may be different than the original recommendation from the 'Basics' page. If you add a control subject line or delete any Persado message variants, you'll need a different sample size to reach statistical significance.

Tip:  You can not reverse this step once you've exported to your ESP. Make any deletions of variants or final edits before exporting. If you need approval, you can always download as a CSV or simple text file to easily share with your team.

What's next?

Run your test in your ESP 

Good job! You're done creating your experiment. You should see your shiny, new experiment on your dashboard ready for results. Your final mission is to deploy your Persado test in your ESP.

For Integrated Accounts

  1. Set up the test in your ESP through our integration.
  2. Run your test for at least 4 hours before deploying the winning subject line.
  3. Check your experiment report in Persado Pro Email.

For Non-Integrated Accounts

  1. Set up the test in your ESP manually.
  2. Run your test for at least 4 hours before deploying the winning subject line.
  3. Upload results data into Persado Pro Email.
  4. Check your experiment report.

That's all folks!

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