Referral Codes
How to find a referral code and enter it
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A referral code gives you access to use the Perx app. The referral code can be provided by a healthcare partner who wants to give its members free access to Perx. Alternatively, you can also get a referral code by filling out this eligibility survey.

Here are some common questions about referral codes:

Not prompted for a referral code?

This can happen if you click a link that has a code already embedded in it.

If this doesn't happen, a screen like the one below should appear

Simply enter the referral code and click submit. You can now start to manage your health plan and start earning rewards πŸŽ‰

Is there a referral code for me to share the app with my friends and family?

To invite them into the app, just head to the Account tab and then Refer a Friend.

P.S. - thanks for inviting more members into the Perx family!! 😊

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