Vegan dogs 🐶

An increasing number of people are changing to a vegetarian, vegan and "greener" diet. Animal welfare, health benefits and environmental concerns are some of the reasons driving this change. Discussions around whether dogs can be vegan have also been raised. Some people claim their dogs are happy with a vegan diet, while many experts are expressing concerns regarding the vegan diet's lack of nutritional requirements. It is clear there are a lot of controversy regarding the topic, which Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University has brought up for discussion.

Are dogs carnivores or omnivores?

Technically speaking, dogs are omnivores and not carnivores (as different from wolfs, their ancestors), meaning that they have the ability to eat and survive on both a plant- and animal based diet. Actually, some dogs are even allergic to animal protein, and may need specifically meat-free diets prescribed by veterinarians or pet nutritionalists. However, as highlighted by Tufts University, a dog food plan without animals fats and protein can be dangerous and it is therefore crucial it is fed under supervision from a professional, to limit the potential risks.

Why is a vegan dog food plan risky?

According to Tufts, some dogs can do pretty well on a vegan diet, if it is carefully designed and meets the dog's nutritional needs. However, designing a vegan diet that contains all of the necessary nutrients the dog needs to stay happy and healthy, is easier said than done. Therefore, some of the vegan options available in the market do not meet the quality and nutritional requirements, which can put the dog's health at stake.


We would never compromise on your dog's health. Therefore, our dog food meets all the nutritional requirements your dog needs and are also well suited for dog's with sensitive stomachs and allergies. Insects are also free from scary antibiotics and growth hormones. In other words, insects are a great animal protein source and come with many positive benefits, not only for your dog, but also for the planet. However, it should not be forgotten that insects also are living creatures. Animal welfare is something close to our heart and a value shared by our partners as well. Our partners treat the insects with respect, give them the proper nutrition they need and do also make sure they are protected from bad practices.


If you are considering giving your dog a vegan diet, we want you to ask yourself - why or for whom are you doing it for?

If it is for your dog's health, you might want to rethink this after reading the full article from Tufts, as there are potential risks feeding your dog a vegan diet (even licensed veterinary nutritionists have expressed difficulties in designing a dog food plan without animals fats and protein).

If you are a vegan pet parents for ethical reasons and wants your dog to follow the same path, but puts your furry friend's health in the first room, you might be able to compromise. If this is "you", we hope you will consider FUNCiFUR® Dog Food - a complete dog food based on insects, for a happy healthy dog and a happy healthy planet.

Lastly, if you are a vegan pet parent persistent in pursuing a vegan diet for your furry friend and do not want to compromise, our advice is to seek professional help to make sure the diet meets all the nutritional requirements your dog needs. We do also hope you think about our planet when feeding your dog the vegan alternatives, as even if things may look "green" this is not a guarantee. 🌎💚

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