Our dental sticks with insects are enriched with insect protein and specific ingredients that promote oral and dental hygiene, as well as fibers contributing with a brushing effect that helps control plaque and tartar. We recommend giving your dog one dental stick per day, and they come in three different sizes: small, medium and large.

The specific ingredients that promote dental hygiene

🗿 Sodium hexametaphosphate: Helps your dog to preserve his teeth from the formation of tartar.

🍊 Vitamin C: Helps to inhibit the growth of bacterial plaque.

🦷 Zinc chelate: Supports healthy teeth and gums.

🌱 Mint and parsley: In the filling for a fresh breath.

🪥 Fibers: The sticks have special fibers in the shell for a brushing effect to help control dental plaque and tartar.

List of ingredients

COMPOSITION: Pea starch, pea protein, glycerine, chickpeas, Black soldier fly larvae (4%), vegetable fibre (4%), alfalfa, minerals (0.6% sodium hexametaphospha-te), yeast, mint (0.6%), parsley (0.6%)

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Crude protein 17%, fat content 2%, crude fibre 6%, crude ash 5%, moisture 20%

ADDITIVES (per kg): Vitamins: Vitamin C (360mg), Trace elements: zinc (zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate) (100mg), Antioxidants: Tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils (66mg)

Energy level: 260 kcal/100g.


One stick per day of the size suitable for the dog’s size.

Dog size

Recommended dental stick size

1 - 10 kg


10 - 25 kg


>25 kg


The product is for adult dogs. Not suitable for puppies. Do not leave your dog unattended while they have the chew. Ensure that your pet have permanent access to fresh water.

Store in a cool, dry place. The size and colour of the product may vary depending on the properties and characteristics of the ingredients. The shelf life is 18 months (best before date is printed on the packaging.)


The insects used in all our products come from one of the world's leading insect farms, which is located in the Netherlands and is GMP + certified. The dental sticks are then produced by our manufacturer located in Spain. The production site carry the following type of certifications:

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