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Daily feeding recommendations based on FEDIAF

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Daily feeding recommendations

Our feeding tables show the feeding guide for petgoods puppy diet. The recommended daily recommendation depends on your puppy's age (in months) and estimated weigh as adult, with examples below. For monthly amounts that will make planning your subscription easier, click here.

Adult weight:

2 months

3 months

4 months

6 months

12 months

18 months

2,5 kg

61 g

65 g

68 g

71 g

5 kg

97 g

110 g

116 g

119 g

7,5 kg

132 g

148 g

155 g

161 g

10 kg

155 g

177 g

190 g

197 g

194 g

12,5 kg

180 g

206 g

218 g

226 g

219 g

15 kg

213 g

242 g

258 g

268 g

258 g

20 kg

242 g

290 g

313 g

329 g

323 g

25 kg

287 g

342 g

371 g

387 g

381 g

30 kg

316 g

381 g

413 g

442 g

445 g

35 kg

355 g

426 g

468 g

494 g

500 g

40 kg

394 g

474 g

516 g

548 g

552 g

50 kg

397 g

516 g

574 g

629 g

658 g

639 g

60 kg

455 g

587 g

658 g

719 g

758 g

732 g

70 kg

516 g

661 g

716 g

810 g

852 g

826 g


1. A 3 month old puppy with an estimated adult weight of 15 kg

243 grams per day, divided into at least three meals. Kibbles can be moistend in water before serving to make it easier to chew and digest for the puppy.

2. A 10 month old growing dog with estimated adult weight of 40 kg

550 grams per day, divided into two meals.

3. A 6 month old puppy with estimated adult weight of 2,5 kg

70 grams per day divided into two meals. At 8-9 months you can begin the switch to adult food.

4. A 12 month old dog with estimated adult weight of 22 kg.

334 grams per day divided into two meals. Gradually begin the switch to adult food.

The feeding advice is based on a normal energy requirement of your dog. The body condition of your dog is the guidance for the actual feeding amount. When needed, you can give more or less food in order to keep your dog in optimal condition. It is advisable to divide the daily portion over three meals in the first months and then over two meals. In the initial period, you can pre-soak the kibbles in lukewarm water. Be sure to provide enough fresh drinking water.

More information about FEDIAF

petgood's diets have been formulated by nutritionists and veterinarians, to meet the FEDIAF international nutritional requirements for the dog. This means you as a dog owner can feel comfortable following our feeding recommendation presented in our daily and monthly tables.

The European Pet Food Industry Federation's (FEDIAF) mission is "to be the credible and responsible voice of the European pet food industry collaborating with authorities, regulators and academics for achieving favourable conditions for the supply of safe, nutritious and palatable products. FEDIAF is fully committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, to the wellbeing of pet animals, to their important social role and to the respect of sustainable development.โ€

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