In June 2021, we launched our updated version of our complete food for adult dogs and our puppy food. At the same time, we got new bags, which are different from the previous ones we used, as these are made of plastic (instead of paper as our first ones).

Our purpose is to create a more transparent and sustainable pet world, which reflects our ENTIRE business model, for example the decisions we make regarding packaging. Our temporary plastic bags (which are not 100% recyclable), are thus something we are not completely happy with. But, we believe that you, just like us, appreciate transparency and therefore we want to tell you our thoughts behind this.

The truth is that we are currently developing our new, 100% recyclable bags, but since not everyone maintains the same speed as we do, the production of these has been delayed. Since we are extremely proud of our new, updated recipe and puppy food, we therefore decided to launch these products in temporary bags - simply, to make it possible for you and your doggie to start enjoying petgood already today.

However, the temporary bags come with an advantage - they are resealable, a feature our previous bags did not have. Yup, this was a wish from you, our pawsome community, which will make the food stay fresher longer and make each serving even smoother.

We hope you understand our actions and look forward to soon be able to offer a 100% recyclable bag that will make the entire product even more planet friendly! Stay tuned and more importantly... Stay pawsome! 🌍🐾

psst, remember to sort the temporary plastic bag as "plastic packaging" ♻️

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