In this article you can read more about our name change and why we changed from FUNCiFUR to petgood. We changed our name during fall 2021, but important to know is that our team, values and recipes/products did not change in connection with the name change.

Why do we change name?

Since the beginning of our journey we have come across many different versions of our name. Fancyfur, funkyfur, funcifΓΆr, just to mention a few. And trust us, we know. Our name is neither self-explanatory nor easy to pronounce, spell or remember. With that said - all versions of our name are welcome here. However, we want to build an inclusive brand. We want the pet food revolution to be for the many. It should be easy to join and tell about us, understand what we do and what we stand for. Frankly, we know better now. Therefore, we changed name to petgood - the do good pet food.

Who are petgood?

The name reflects us and our values. We are driven by creating a more transparent and sustainable pet world, creating positive change for both animals and the planet. In addition, petgood is easy to pronounce, spell and remember. Yup, a win-win!

Through the phrase "we know better now" we want to show who we are and what we stand for:

πŸ’œ WE - stands for inclusion and alludes to the positive: that we, all together, drive the pet food revolution and can make a difference together

πŸ’™ KNOW - stands for the science and research behind our products

πŸ’š BETTER - stands for quality, that we offer something that is better for both pets and the planet

πŸ’› NOW - stands for urgency. It is time to act NOW - there is no planet B!

We are petgood ​

Back in the days we did many things we never thought of as bad. Or dangerous. Or just unwise. We smoked cigarettes. We did not wear seatbelts. We used solariums to get tanned. But we know better now. Luckily and sometimes painfully we learned a lot. Science moved on. We invented data. Got ourselves electric cars. And we slowly but surely figured out that everything is interconnected. ​


Now what has this got to do with pet food? Well, a lot. Back in the days we thought that pets needed traditional meat to stay strong and healthy. We simply believed in all the marketing promises from the big pet food brands. ​


We are petgood, a Swedish food tech company. As so many inventions, ours was based on the problems we faced ourselves. Looking for healthy, high quality pet food without traditional meat, we came to the stunning conclusion that this does not exist. Huh? And while thinking about it, we learnt that pets are estimated to account for around 25% of all meat consumption. Really? Light bulb moment! We can solve two challenges at the same time. The best food for our pets, that is more sustainable at the same time. So we gave it a go. But we wanted to do things our own way. ​

We decided to build an inclusive brand, a movement. In which we use realtime learnings to improve our products and our business. We learn from vets and nutritionists, of course! We take science and data as the solid basis for everything we do. But equally important, we consider our customers as partners in our movement. We want to hear about their experiences, opinions, complaints, wishes and dreams. And we feed them back in our developments. So that tomorrow we know even better than today. And the day after tomorrow – ah well, you get the picture. ​


The bigger we grow, the better we can make a positive impact. The love for pets and the love for our planet will be our guiding principles. That is a promise. Meaning over money. Love over greed. We hope this inspires you to join. So that together we can make a real difference. Together we are petgood. The do good pet food. ​

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