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How to make changes to your subscription and customer information

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In this article we cover how to log into our customer portal, what information you will get access to and how you can make changes in your subscription.

Create an account and log in

To log in to "My account" via a computer, click on the little man in the top right corner. If you wish to log in to "My account" via mobile, click on the two lines at the top left to open the menu, and then Account at the bottom of the page. On the login page, you then enter your e-mail and will then receive a 6-digit code sent to your e-mail. This code acts as a password to log in. Remember to check your spam folder and double-check that you entered the email correctly if you do not receive the 6-digit code.

Are you having troubles signing in to your Petgood account (My Pages)?

If you have problems logging into your account and do not get the 6-digit code sent to your e-mail, it is always a good idea to start by looking in the spam folder and double-check that you filled in the e-mail correctly. If the problem persists, please contact us and we will help you further.

Account information and address

Once you have logged in to the customer portal, you will find information relating to your previous orders and any subscriptions. Please email us ( or write in the chat if you wish to change the address on your subscription and we will help you.

Your subscription and how to make changes

If you click Subscriptions, you will see all your subscriptions. Click on the subscription if you want more info or want to make adjustments.

When you click on a specific subscription, you will get general information; the subscription's status, delivery address, amount and date for when the next order is created (given that your subscription is active). A little further down the page, you can also see which products are included in your subscription, add products and make other changes.

Change products in your subscription

If you wish to add a product to your subscription, you can click Add and will then have the option to add the product to your subscription or just one-time, that is in the next delivery.

If you wish to remove a product, you can click on the trash can next to the product you wish to delete.

If you wish to reduce or increase the amount of food (or any other product), you start by adding the new product (with the correct amount), then you remove the old product, with the incorrect amount.

Skip a delivery or "pause" the subscription

If you wish to skip a delivery, for example if you have food to last another month, you can go to the section Upcoming Orders and click Skip. Should you change your mind and want your next delivery, you can click Undo.

If you wish to skip several deliveries and thus "pause" the subscription for a certain period, that is also fine. Just click Skip on the orders you wish to skip.

Change delivery information

If you wish to change the date of an upcoming order, you can click Change date. The date you choose refers to the date when the order is created and your card will be charged.

Please email us ( or write in the chat if you wish to change the address on your subscription and we will help you.

Edit payment information

If you need to edit your payment method, for example if you have changed card, please click Update payment method at the bottom of the page. We will then send you an email to update your payment details. Click on the link in the email and enter your new payment details. If you change the payment method, your subscription and future recurring payments will be updated.

Reactivate your subscription

If you have a paused subscription that you wish to reactivate, you can click Resume on the subscription page. If you click on it, the subscription will start again and after a couple of minutes you will be able to see when the next order will be created. Please double check that this date matches your preferences or adjust accordingly by clicking Change date.

Cancel your subscription

Are you sure you want to cancel your subscription? Remember that you can skip one or more upcoming deliveries if, for example, you have too many products at home. If you still wish to cancel your subscription, please email us at and tell us a little more about why you wish to cancel your subscription and we will help you.

Do you have additional questions or need help? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us using the purple chat bubble, or send us an email

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