Sometimes things don't turn out as planned and you might need to rethink your personal finances. P.F.C. gives you the option to do so.

With our part-payment function you will have the opportunity to make a larger purchase and then repay it in installments. Within 90 days of making a purchase over 300 SEK you can retroactively choose to pay in monthly installments. 

The first installment falls due the following month together with a fixed monthly fee. A fixed monthly fee of 10 SEK, 20 SEK, 30 SEK, 40 SEK or 50 SEK is also applied. The fee amount depends on the size of the original purchase.

For example, if you have bought a pair of shoes for 900 SEK, you can choose to get the money back for that purchase, and instead pay back the sum in installments as a 3-month payment plan. Each installment will be 300 SEK plus a fee of 30 SEK. So, in total you pay 330 SEK per month.

Below you can see what the monthly fee will be depending on the amount of the purchase:

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