The super cool thing about Phantombuster is that it’s in the cloud ☁️

Reality check: This cloud has an address and it’s in Western USA. 

We realized recently that Facebook is extremely closely monitoring your IP address(es)' geographical origin: If you’re using Facebook from your phone in Germany for example and Phantombuster at the same time, Facebook will see that you’re connecting from Germany and Western USA back and forth… and will very quickly suspend your account.

In order to avoid that, you want to use a proxy that’s located in your geographical area.

You’re welcome to use any proxy service you want, many are really good. We recommend Proxymesh because it has multiple locations and is very easy to use.

Step 1: Create a Proxymesh account.

Here. You can only get one account per IP address. Do not use an email address as username.

Step 2: Select the proxy that’s closest to you.

Click on its address to have access to the details.

From, choose the best proxy fitting your location.

Step 3: Create a Proxy in Phantombuster.

In the navigation bar, click on your name, then on IP & Proxies.

Then on New Proxy Pool. Call it anything you like.

Now fill the information you got from Proxymesh: You proxy’s address, which should look something like that: 

And your login details. Make sure your Proxy username and password don't contain any special character such as '@' or '#'.

Click on Save Proxy to save.

Step 4: Set your API to launch with a proxy.

Go to your Phantombuster dashboard, the My APIs section, and click on the Settings of the API you want to use.

Then scroll down to the Headless browser options and tick Random Proxy from Pool.

Don’t forget to 💾 Save.

🍷 Bravo!


⚠️ Using a proxy doesn’t allow you to do anything you want. You’re still using your own personal cookie that identifies you. If you try sending thousands of messages, you will be noticed as having a suspicious behavior and flagged.

ℹ️ Using a proxy near you is strongly recommended for Facebook APIs.

ℹ️ Proxies do not work yet with Twitter APIs.

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