Select the plus + symbol from the quick start menu which can be located at the bottom of your screen. In this menu you will have recent projects to update and the closest ongoing project. Select the project that you would like to take memo photos in. Then, tap the camera symbol and select add memo photos. Next, tap and hold the area of interest to record voice to text. Release to snap a photo. The zoom and size of the highlight circle can be adjusted by applying pressure on the screen. You can also take random photos with no memos by just tapping the shutter button. Memo photos will be organized by project.

Why take Memo Photos?

  • Document preexisting damage. Example: document any cracks in the client’s driveway. Photos are time stamped and dated. You can even easily share with the client to make sure they are aware of the preexisting issue. When they view the photo you will receive a notification that it’s been viewed. Don’t get accused of pre-existing damages. Easily document it with the phaze memo feature.

  • Document damaged materials. 

  • Inspection Photos

  • Punchlists

  • Easily share with team members or clients.

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