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How to pick up my Phenix basket in the store?
How to pick up my Phenix basket in the store?

One order, one validation, and that’s it! ⭐️

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🎫 When your order is confirmed, you will have all information needed in the section “Order” of your app (trader address, pick-up times)

Once the purchase has been confirmed, you will have access to all the information about your order in the tab "Orders" (store address, pick up times, ...).

Once the time comes 🕛

  • Go to the shop during the time slot proposed by the merchant

  • Show your purchase ticket in the tab “Order”, “Pick up” to the merchant

  • Make sure that the merchant or yourself validate the order with the validation button on your receipt.

  • Retrieve your basket! Congratulation, you have done a good deed for the planet 🌏

😃 And of course, so that everything goes well in the shop, make sure to:

  • Show your best smile

  • Don't ask to choose the product you want, unless the merchant expressly offers it to you of course!

  • Respect the waiting time, especially if its rush hour.

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