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I have an issue with my Phenix basket
I have an issue with my Phenix basket

The unsold products can be a surprise, hopefully always a good one! We are here to assist you and resolve any issues đŸ€—

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In order to easily integrate into the daily organization of our partners, we have decided not to impose listing of specific products on the App.

A surprise... gesture!

Our partners prepare "surprise" baskets, and you could receive a product you may not like, but it’s also the risk đŸ€· When buying a basket, you are making a great move against wasted products, and you are participating in a new way of consuming, and a better one!

The baskets are prepares at low prices, but the counterpart is this surprise. A little suspense! 👀

🗯 Please contact us by the section “Need help?” if you have any problems of this type:

  • There is a problem with the contents of your basket?

  • Is there a product unfit for consumption in your basket?

  • Your basket does not correspond to the type of basket you've purchased?

  • The value of the basket does not correspond to its theoretical value?

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