You want to make your friends and family know about Phenix? Great! By referring new people, you will earn referral points!

🤔 How is it working ?

  • Go to “Account” on the App

  • Click on “Invite friends”

  • Click on "Share my code" by Facebook, message, email…

    ⚠️ When you share your code, your friends still have to type it manually ⚠️

  • Tell your friend to enter your referral code when registering, or in “Account” “Invite friends” and do not forget to validate your code.

  • If your code isn't visible yet, it means that you didn't buy your first basket yet!

  • As soon as your referral has validated his first basket, both of you will receive 2€ in fidelity points (200 points), and you can use them immediately!

  • ❗ Careful, you can not have more than 500 points at a time, don't forget to use them ❗

You can also save the sponsor code during registration.

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