Because it is important for us to reward you for your loyalty, we have created a specific program for our Phenix users! 🥳

How does it work?

The number of basket ordered and validate define your Phenix status and its benefits 🤗

🐣 Chick: When you register in the app, you have the status Chick until your second validated basket. You cannot accumulate points yet.

🐥 Hummingbird: BAM! When you have validated your second basket, you earn 50 points that you can use in the next baskets. You become a Hummingbird until the 10th basket is bought and validated.

🦅 Phenix: Well done! After the 10th basket validated, you become Phenix and each basket will get you 2% of the cost of the basket as points 🔥

What are those points use for?

100 points = 1 € you can use in any basket 💶

⚠️You cannot have more than 500 points, so think about using them when you're close to 500⚠️

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