Phenix gives you the possibility to create monthly subscriptions of anti-waste baskets. Offering subscription ads gives users the opportunity to pick up a basket every week at their local store.

✋ For example: Louise has a subscription to Super Fruit and picks up her basket every Thursday.

What are the advantages of the subscription?

  • On the retailer's side: you are guaranteed to sell your subscription basket as long as a user is a subscriber! You can then prepare your basket with the certainty that it will be collected. The subscription is also an opportunity to build user loyalty to your ads while avoiding food waste as much as possible.

  • On the user's side: the subscriber takes out a subscription for 4 weeks and pays for all the baskets he/she will have to collect in the month from the first order. By subscribing, they undertake to collect their baskets. In this respect, he benefits from an additional 5% discount offered by Phenix. At the end of this period, the subscriber chooses, or not, to renew his subscription.

How can you offer the subscription?

You can choose to offer your basket as a monthly subscription as soon as it is published in recurrence. We show you how to do it right here 😊

As soon as you have chosen your publication days and your retrieval times, all you have to do is tick the "Propose as a subscription" box and that's it

🚨 Attention:

Once the ad has been selected as a subscription, it is imperative to contact us for any modification or cancellation. Indeed:

  • If you wish to modify the days of withdrawal, hours, the number of baskets available, etc... you will have to contact the Phenix team which will take care to warn the subscriber before making these modifications. However, it is not possible to modify a subscription on the same day. So think ahead! 😉

  • Like any subscription, this one can only be cancelled when it expires. At your request, the Phenix team will put an end to it at the appropriate date.

Can a subscription basket be delivered like a classic basket ?

Yes! As with all Phenix baskets, when handing over the basket to the customer, remember to respect these 2 steps:

  • Check, on your order confirmation, the first name and order number of the subscriber who comes to collect their basket each week, even if they have been subscribing for a long time. Be careful not to give out baskets out of habit, without checking! For example, it can happen that a long-standing subscription is not renewed in the case of an expired bank card!

  • Have the collection validated on the subscriber's phone, every week, so that we can be sure that the basket has been collected and that we can keep track of your basket accounts.

How do you track your subscription baskets? 🧐

  • First of all, if you have activated your email notifications from your professional space (tab 'My store info'), you will receive a summary email of your subscription baskets of the day to be prepared, with the associated order numbers.

  • You can also view all the baskets reserved and paid for in the "My orders" tab of your professional space. The order number of the subscription baskets starts with abo- and the orders appear as paid in advance.

For example, you are the 23 March my subscription basket of the day already appears as 'paid', as do the subscription baskets of 30 March.

Some common questions from our retailers about the subscription

👉 The customer has paused their subscription: what should I do?

If your subscriber is planning to fly away to the sun 🌞 (lucky him!), he can pause his subscription in periods of 1 to 4 weeks. In this case:

  • His subscription will be renewed for the following month and the amount of the baskets not collected will be deducted from him. However, if the subscriber has not paused their subscription, any baskets not collected will be invoiced to them.

  • Baskets that were reserved for him/her continue to be published and are available for one-time purchase by another user, until the paused subscription is reactivated.

👉 I don't have any unsold items today to prepare the subscription basket, can I cancel it?

You cannot cancel the basket of a subscription in progress. If you choose to offer the subscription, you commit to deliver the unsold basket to the subscriber every week during the subscription period.

👉 The customer did not pick up their subscription, will I get paid?

As with all Phenix baskets, if a user does not pick up their basket, you will still be paid. Also, subscription baskets are paid for in advance by the user, so it's best if they show up to collect their due!

👉 Holidays: will my subscription ads be suspended?

The principle is the same as for recurring ads:

  • During public holidays, all your ads - including subscriptions - will not be published by default, but you can on the other hand ask us to maintain their publication by indicating it in the "Closure and public holidays" section of your merchant space!

  • When you close your business for one or more days (holidays, stocktaking, work, etc.), you must indicate your closure in order to pause all your ads: here too, go to the "Closure and holidays" section, and in just a few clicks you're done!

💡 Useful links

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🧁 Need help?

Don’t hesitate to contact the Phenix team at the number or email address indicated in your space 🙂

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