By publishing baskets on Phenix App, stores mus respect quality rules, cold chain and give only usable product in line with the description ✔️

By using Phenix you are fighting foodwaste with us and adopt new way of consumption 💪

The basket price are very low (-50% minimum), and the compensation of that is the "surprise" side: a bit of suspense 👀 (no worries, in case you have an issue, our wonderful team is here for you 🤝)

Here are some example of basket you can find on the app 👇 (pictures come from real users who shared their basket on social media)

🍅 Fruits and vegetables basket 🥒

🥖 Bakery basket 🥐

🍫 Supermarket basket 🍤

🌿 Other basket 🍃

In case you are having trouble with the app or your basket, our team is here for you. We'll always find the best solution not matter the concern you have: quality, quantity, technical...

Kindness guaranteed 😁

Join the movement! 💪

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