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Colorize B&W (monochromatic) photos
Colorize B&W (monochromatic) photos

Photomyne has developed a smart automatic process for turning your B&W photos into vibrant colorful memories.

Written by Lara
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Photomyne's magic doesn't stop at the scanning phase: it includes a smart colorization process for turning monochromatic photographs into gorgeous photo memories full of color.

Ready to see your monochromatic past in full color? Let's go.

Colorize black-and-white photos

Ever wonder what your old black and white photos look like in color? The app includes a smart automatic process for turning your black-and-white photos into vibrant colorful memories. Follow these steps to see it for yourself.

  1. When on a black & white photo you’d like to colorize, go to the edit options and select the colorize option.

  2. Next, a pop-up will appear, explaining the process. Tap the button and the app will do its colorization magic. Wait a few seconds and then see the photo colorized before your eyes!

The colorized version of the photo will be kept as an additional copy of the original black-and-white photo inside the app.

* The condition of the original B&W photo will affect the final result. We recommend using the app with clear and high-quality B&W photos (avoid torn, blurry or faded photographs, if possible).


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