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Photomyne keeps my privacy
Photomyne keeps my privacy

Privacy when using one of Photomyne’s apps and/or Photomyne’s cloud services through an active account

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Update: Photomyne is compliant with the 2018 EU GDPR regulations and the CCPA.

We have the utmost respect for your privacy and understand you care a lot about your personal information. For your convenience and peace of mind please find below a summary of the main principles of our Privacy Policy. We used the word “Content” to refer to all Personally Identifiable Information (PII), including but not limited to photos, slides, negatives and videos, as this term is defined in our Privacy Policy.

Please note that the summary on this page does not serve as a substitute for our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. We strongly recommend that you read these two documents in their entirety, using these page links: Photomyne’s Privacy Policy | Photomyne’s Terms of Use

The Content is your property. Photomyne does not own them — You do.

We may share your Content with others only in the limited circumstances set forth in the Privacy Policy — for an example, should you decide to change your privacy settings to “public” and share Content with others at your own discretion (see our Terms of Use regarding ownership of the Content).

By default, all your Content is set to ‘Private.’

This means that as long as you do not choose to change it, your Content remain private and are not visible to or accessible by others on the app.

We won’t disclose, sell or auction your Content.

We would have to receive your explicit approval to do anything of the sort. This means either way, it’s your call.

Please remember that the information on this page is merely a summary of our Privacy Policy. We urge you to read the full Privacy Policy.

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