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What is the One-Time account plan
What is the One-Time account plan

Photomyne offers a long-term account for a single upfront payment. Here are all the details.

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For those interested in signing up for a paid account with Photomyne to enjoy all the premium features, there are several account plans to consider.

Among the recurring monthly and yearly subscription plans, there is also a multi-year account plan called the One-Time plan. In most cases, the plan is valid for 2 years and supports up to 20,000 scanned photos.

Plan period and number of supported photos are subject to change.

Is the One-Time plan right for you?

The One-Time plan is the most cost-effective plan currently offered by Photomyne, since you're getting an extended period of all the premium features that come with a paid account. Another obvious advantage to the One-Time plan is that it does not renew when it ends.

The One-Time plan is highly recommended for people interested in an affordable long-term solution to scanning, archiving, and sharing their old photo memories.

Get the One-Time plan (even if you have an existing recurring subscription)

Whether this is the first time you join Photomyne with a paid account, or are about to switch to the One-Time plan from an existing recurring plan:

Tap the Profile icon on the top-right of the main screen to enter your Profile screen (See screen shot below). Next, look for the Learn about our One-Time plan button. Tap that to purchase the plan.

Tap the Profile icon to get to One-Time plan button

What happens when you purchase the One-Time plan while having an existing recurring subscription

If you already have an existing recurring subscription plan and you decide to purchase the One-Time plan, the One-Time plan will begin only once your existing monthly or yearly subscription plan is finished. This is why it is important that as soon as you purchase the One-Time plan, you should cancel the next billing of your existing recurring subscription.

On your iOS device, go to your App Store associated Subscription Management page, and cancel any exiting recurring plans you may have with Photomyne. Follow these instructions to cancel your exiting recurring subscription.

Once you cancel the next billing of your existing subscription plan, as soon as it expires your One-Time plan will become active.


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