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Add handwritten annotations to your scans
Add handwritten annotations to your scans

Add those crucial handwritten details of a photo's unique story.

Written by Lara
Updated over a week ago

Often, old photographs contain handwritten details on the back - these can be paramount in revealing the story behind the photograph. And this is especially true when you're scanning old family photos you're seeing for the first time, or when such photos include unfamiliar relatives.

Photo Scan by Photomyne includes the option to add handwritten annotations to individual photos you scan.

  1. Click on a photo to open it in full size.

  2. Tap on What's the story of this photo?

  3. Click on Detect text.

This same section also includes the option to add voice recorded annotations - you can record up to 1 minute of yourself or someone else, telling the story of that photo. Easy.


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