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Create groups of photos and perform batch actions
Create groups of photos and perform batch actions

If your photos have common threads between them, you can create ‘groups’ based on the details you add to them.

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You’ve scanned plenty of photos into digital albums, but highlighting similar photos from within different albums can be a hassle if you don’t know exactly where they are located. Fortunately, you can make groups of photos without moving them from their original albums.

For example, you want to find all of the photos with your mom so you can share them with your siblings and create a slideshow for her birthday, however, your albums are arranged by year.

Group your photos

  1. Add common details to the photos you want to be included in the group - i.e. add ‘mom’ to all of her photos (Read more on adding details to photos here).

  2. Search for the group’s linking word or date - i.e. search ‘mom’ in the search bar (read more on searching for photos here) - to reveal all of the similarly tagged photos.

  3. Select the photos - after clicking on the 3 dots - to which you’d like to perform an action by tapping them and choose an action below - i.e. share as a collage with all photos labeled ‘mom’.

Now you’ll know exactly to identify and create searchable sub-albums or groups among your entire photo collection.


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