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What happens if I delete the app
What happens if I delete the app

If you delete the app from your phone or tablet, here’s what happens to your photos and account.

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When managing applications on your mobile device, you might delete Photomyne for one reason or another. This is what happens to the content you created and your account afterward.

Deleting the app without a Membership

If you deleted the app and don't have a Membership, your content isn't backed up. That means, if you delete the app the content will be deleted too. A Membership is encouraged for Photomyne’s app for backing up the content you created with the app.

Deleting the app with a Membership

If you have a Photomyne Membership, your photos and account information will be backed up. However, if the app is deleted in the middle of a backup, the non-backed up photos might be lost.


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