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Edit my tree

A guide to the profile screen for individual family members. Add details, edit relations, and more.

Written by Lara
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After building your tree and adding photos of your family members, you’ll likely want to make changes along the way. Edit various components of your tree through one person’s profile page.


After tapping on an individual in your tree, you will then see their profile page. The top of the profile contains various fields for personal information. Add or change names (including maiden name), birthdates, etc. for more context to his or her life.


Under Photos of this person, you will see all the photos you’ve uploaded for that specific profile. You can also add more photos here. Adding more photos not only allows you to see your relatives at various points of their life but also improves the accuracy of his/her similarity scores with the rest of your tree (more on this below).


A person’s nuclear family members are visible under the Relations of this person section of his or her profile. While you can add relations to an individual from the tree view, you can also add and remove them from here. Select Add more relations to add additional parents, spouses, siblings, or children to a relative.

To adjust your family’s relations, especially those not related by blood (i.e. stepparents, step-siblings, and step-kids), first, add them and their photos to your family tree as direct relations. Once saved in your tree, you can alter their lineage. From their profile, select the specific relation you wish to adjust, then deselect any incorrectly listed parents, siblings, or children. When you return to your relative’s profile, simply Add more relations and add the correct parent. This will create a side-tree to record that specific segment of your family.


In one’s profile, you’ll also see the similarity scores between that person and other relatives. The app goes through all photos of each pair in the tree and finds the two most similar photos to calculate their similarity. By adding more photos especially at different ages and angles, the app can more easily calculate an accurate similarity score.


Lastly, you can remove a person permanently from your tree by selecting Remove this person from tree. Please note that this will also remove all this person’s direct relations in the tree. Please make sure you are OK with this before removing anyone. Regardless, the photos you added of this person will not be deleted but rather kept in the app as unassigned to a specific person.

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