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The account is not completely synced
The account is not completely synced

You do not see your (all) the photos on your computer or receive an error or “Oops” message while trying to move or share your scans

Written by Lara
Updated over a week ago

The most likely explanation for what you’re experiencing is that photo sync on your device didn’t finish yet. Sometimes it may take some time for all photos and any edits/changes you made in the app to reflect on other devices and online.

What we recommend:

Please leave the app open on your mobile device(s) (the one you used for scanning/editing/making changes), and make sure it’s connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Wait until synching is complete, and only then log in to your account online (or elsewhere) to see the changes, move, or share your photos.


Need help and/or have more questions? Contact our support team for further assistance.

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