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Phone mount instructions
Phone mount instructions

Put together the parts of the mount

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1. Choose a well-lit spot in the house and a sturdy scanning surface.

2. Assemble the phone mount:

a - Insert black end of adjustable arm (A) into surface clamp (B).

b- Fasten the clamp to your scanning surface.

c- Secure the arm to the clamp with the flower knob (C).

c- Screw knob until tight and arm is steady.

d- Screw phone holder (D) tightly into silver end of the arm.

d- Choose between one of two orientations (see below).

3.pull & slide phone-holdingclasps apart & secure phone between them.

4. Place scanning materials on your scanning surface. You can scan a whole album page or a few loose photos at a time.

For negatives and slides, place them parallel to the light source (ex. Photomyne Light Pad).

5. Move the adjustable arm so your phone is above and parallel to the album, photos, slides, or negatives, and scan using Photomyne's apps.

You may also see the video here

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